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In this show, I interview Dr. Richard Earle on the topic of Leadership and the Stress of Change.

Dr. Earle is an internationally known and respected scholar and leadership consultant.  He’s written books as well as authored E-learning programs and psychological profiles on this topic. He’s coached leaders of top companies, governments and, I’ve discovered, churches. He serves as one of the founders and the director of the prestigious Canadian Institute of Stress.  Dr. Earle is also the successor of Dr. Hans Selye, who is generally considered the father of modern stress science.  We are so fortunate to have him on the podcast in this series of shows on Leadership and the Stress of Change.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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About Our Guest

Dr. Richard Earle, Ph.D. is an internationally respected and published authority on stress and controlling its impacts on productive wellbeing both in individuals and in rapidly changing workplaces.

He earned his Ph.D. [behavioural science in health] at the University of Toronto, and has done post-doctoral studies both at Harvard and with the University of Montreal’s Hans Selye who is internationally regarded as “the father of the stress field”. While directing Ontario’s Ministry of Health research programs, Richard was Dr. Selye’s last post-Doc student [1980-82]. Drs. Selye and Earle worked with eight Nobel Laureates to co-found, in 1979, the Canadian Institute of Stress.

Since 1971, Dr. Earle has taught at several Ontario universities, including in the graduate faculties of Behavioral Science, of Nursing and of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Since 1984, he has frequently returned to Japan to lecture at leading universities and to consult with the Japan Public Health Research Foundation and the Japan Management Association

His consulting and training clients include leading North American, Japanese and Saudi corporations in such fields as financial and insurance services, mass media, retail, health care, natural resources, petrochemical, manufacturing, airlines, high tech, internet and IT, plus various government departments and professional services firms.

He has written several books plus numerous professional papers, and has authored e-learning programs and online psychometric profiles for the corporate sector, as well as several internet-based self-directed learning sites. He is a frequent contributor to television, radio and print media, and has acted as spokesman for national multi-media campaigns focused on depression, anxiety and work~life balance.

In addition to his roles as Managing Director of the Canadian Institute of Stress / Hans Selye Foundation and as a Principal in The Vital Corporation, Dr. Earle trains senior health and workplace professionals globally via the internet as Certified Stress & Wellness Consultants. He also maintains an executive coaching practice with the Medisys Health Group.

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