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In this episode, I interview Scott Wintrip, one of the most skilled and sought-after hiring coaches in the U.S. Scott shares some profound insights about how to make the hiring process take less time, be more effective, and involve less hassle.

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About Our Guest

From Scott’s Website:

I’ve been honored to help more than 23,000 organizations across the globe eliminate the stress and overwhelm of recruiting and hiring. I’ve shown them a method for creating an instantaneous job filling system that eliminates hiring delays.

My career began as a recruiter, back when I still had a full head of hair. That wasn’t my original plan. In college, I was a music major who wanted to become a high school band director. I learned about recruiting when I went to an employment agency, looking to earn extra money.

During the interview, the office manager asked if I’d ever considered a job in the staffing industry. I didn’t know there was such an industry. While I didn’t accept her offer, it did plant a seed. That I could earn a living matching people and jobs seemed like a meaningful career. Within a few months, I sought out and landed my first recruiting job.

I discovered a common pattern as I began my career in hiring. At the employers I contacted, jobs had frequently been open for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Often, these jobs weren’t open because of a lack of candidates. The companies had already interviewed dozens of people, some of whom were well qualified. However, they weren’t hired, even though that empty seat was delaying projects, creating missed opportunities, and costing lots of overtime. These companies allowed the process to drag on and on.

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