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In this episode, I interview Dr. Paul Napper, author of The Power of Agency. We have an amazing conversation about how this one important element of the way we process experience can better our life trajectory.

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About Our Guest

From Paul’s Website:

Dr. Paul Napper helps business leaders increase their effectiveness through focusing and strengthening their agency as leaders. His professional background includes extensive experience in assessment and the application of psychological principles to improve the performance of people and organizations. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies, financial firms, non-profit organizations, universities, as well as start-ups.

Dr. Napper launched his career as a Wall Street analyst, first with J.P. Morgan Investment Management in New York and, following that, with Crowell, Weedon and Company in Los Angeles. During his tenure as a securities analyst, he was responsible for research and investment strategy for several major industries. He subsequently launched Performance Psychology, a management psychology consultancy to a wide range of organizations and industries.

Dr. Napper earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania in International Relations and pursued his master’s degree in the same field at the University of Chicago. He received his doctorate in psychology from William James College in Boston, one of the country’s premier schools of professional psychology. As part of his training he was selected for an advanced fellowship in psychological testing and assessment during a three-year academic appointment at Harvard Medical School.

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